The older we get, the more our skin loses elasticity and begins to appear dull and even lifeless. In addition, other signs of aging such as lines, wrinkles, spots and large pores accumulate on our skin over time. Women and men looking for a natural solution that offers total skin rejuvenation can enjoy the benefits of Micro-Needling and PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy, which is rich with your body’s own growth factors. Excellent in combination or as stand-alone options, these treatments smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, replace sallow skin with a youthful glow, improve or eliminate acne and other scarring, and reduce pore size.

Both treatments utilize your body’s own healing mechanisms to stimulate collagen production and enhanced cell renewal from the inside out. Micro-Needling does this by perforating the skin with tiny needles to stimulate healing and formation of new skin. The growth factors in PRP stimulate new collagen production and new skin growth. Together or separate, these two treatments have the ability to replace old, damaged skin with young, new skin. With a series of treatments, your skin will begin to look noticeably, and naturally, younger and smoother.

This in turn promotes the development of healthy cells, collagen and elastin, while softening the appearance of fine lines. The result is a healthy, smooth and even complexion. Schedule a visit to see the results that microdermabrasion treatment offers and see your new glowing complexion come alive today.